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Jun 03, 2022 at 02:59 PM

B1 'Remember My Answer and Do Not Show This Message Again' Checkbox does not appear


Hello All,

First we have our Main database and a Test version.

The test version is a copy of the main DB so all settings should be the same.

Now to the issue:

When creating a picking list, and selecting the batches in "Batch number selection", when selecting the next item without updating we receive a system Message asking if we want to save selected batches.

The problem is that in our Test version we have an option to select a "Remember My Answer and Do Not Show This Message Again" option.

This option does not appear in the Main DB.

I have already checked under Administration/Setup/General/Message Preferences, but there is nothing in there.

Is there is SAP somewhere an option where this can be turned of and on?

Thank you in advance.