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Jun 08, 2022 at 10:16 AM

Risks-Compounding 0SOURSYSTEM to more than 150 InfoObjects(Standard & Customised)


Hi Experts,

I have been checking various posts and articles on SDN on compounding of infoobjects and have seen mixed responses on the risks and advantages of compounding multiple infoobjects.

In my current project we are doing a shell conversion of BW on HANA system to BW/4HANA, post which we will be enhancing the existing data model to inculcate/ingest data from multiple ERP (SAP & Non SAP). Currently, we just have one ECC system. We have done the analysis and short listed around 180 InfoObjects(based on current reporting and attributes) from list of 4100 active infoobjects for compounding with 0SOURSYSTEM and 0SOURSYSTEM ID will also be a key in our ADSOs.

The list of 180 InfoObjects still seems too much to compound too. The question is, in the long run is there a potential risk of compounding so many infoobjects in terms of designing and performance?

Thank You.