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Jun 01, 2022 at 09:19 PM

Updating OBPL.TaxIdNum


Hello everybody!

In a scenario where the client is a farmer and owner of several farms (branches) registered in his personal name, his personal identification was registered in the TaxIdNum field, which is used to identify companies. Now I need to correct it, so that the TaxIdNum is blank, as the Add-ons use this to distinguish whether it is an individual or a legal entity.

When trying to update via DTW spreadsheet import in the OBPL table, the following error occurred:

1 Update Failed 1 [OBPL.TaxIdNum] , 'Field cannot be updated (ODBC -1029)' [OBPL.TaxIdNum] , 'Field cannot be updated (ODBC -1029)'65171

What is the solution?