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May 31 at 10:03 AM

Building Enhancement Plug-ins for Android Direct Store Delivery apk.


Hello DSD experts,

I am trying to build enhancement plug-ins for the SAP DSD Android APK. I have been reading the documentation to accomplish that. My interpretation of this document is that you create a plugin utilizing SAPCD.DSD.MobileClient.Extensions.dll, and then you load your custom plug-in in the APK. Ergo, I built my DLL, and as per the document I want to get my plug-in signed using the SAP plug-in signer. SAP Note (2373655).

But here's the problem. I am not able to get my plugin signed since the SAP note does not open nor I can load the plugin in the APK.

I have also attached the Screenshot of the Android DSD application. Perhaps my interpretation of the documentation is wrong.

Please share your ideas, insights and guide me.





settings.png (111.5 kB)
plugins.png (82.6 kB)
loaded-plugins.png (36.3 kB)