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May 25, 2022 at 04:16 AM

Business one sales Error b1 sales on hana APP - Android


Hi, this is my first post as my SAP partner is not helping me a lot in this matter,

I am SAP end client, we are working with our sales team from the SAP sale (b1 sales) app,

we have created a user-defined table which appears in the app on the bottom when you click on more, but it is way down at the end (we have many user-defined tables), so we go to UDF configs, and then from there on sales order we can manually deactivate what we don't want until we just leave the only option we need to fill in.

Problem is that when we go to the sale order and check the more button (randomly other stuff appears) like we have activated other stuff, we are on version 1.0.36 on android b1 sales. I know we can use the current version which is 1.0.40 which works great! and seems to solve the problem, but this new and last version introduces a bigger problem for us, which is that when we introduce the price on the gross value the input resets to 0 ( we use the gross value as the value with tax included) so we MUST use that. any ideas as to what we can do or what could be the procedure to let the guys at tech in sap know so they can release an update and solve this problem in a future rollout?.