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Feb 22, 2017 at 11:18 AM

Controlling - S/4HANA 1610 - Decimals: Unrealistic variance in Costs Analysis of a production order

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Dear Experts,

We are implementing S/4HANA for a customer (now we’re working on release 1610)

I have some doubts about the values in cost analysis of production orders:

We obtain an unrealistic variance on a component of a make. I think that this variance is due to an incorrect management of decimals.

To highlights the mistake, we have done a GR for a component of make, that it aimed to modify the MAP.

So, after GR the MAP is modified:

In a personal calculation, managing more than 2 decimals, we have obtained an analytical MAP of 1,993737

The material MA200200 is a component of E200200_SN’s BOM.

The cost estimate of material E200200_SN was released with cost 12080,19.

Cost estimate is composed as follow:

In cost estimate, we can notice that the costs of single components are managed with 2 decimals and our material MA200200 costs 1,99 (new MAP in material master).

We have created a production order

After confirmation and after Good receipt of finished good, we can see the variances between target cost and actual cost of material MA200200.

In actual costs, we have the costs calculated with analytical price (1,993737 * 100), while target costs is calculated with price managed with 2 decimals (1,99 * 100).

We have an unrealistic variance, because we can’t manage more than 2 decimals for cost estimate. So, the value of make it will be altered by an unrealistic variance.

I’ve done other test with other materials and others order type and the problems are the same for all tests.

Please, could you give me a solution?


Best regard



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