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May 19, 2022 at 10:15 AM

Accessing HANA Cloud with CAP from Local Dev Environment (Firewall is ACTIVE)

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Dear community,

i am building multiple CAP applications using SAP HANA Cloud and SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Runtime.

We like to use our own development environments and therefore do NOT use the Business Application Studio.

However we do not want to open the firewall of our projects SAP HANA Cloud instance, as there are multiple projects running on it.

Now i wonder, if it is possible to still connect to the SAP HANA Cloud from any location utilizing something like a proxy.

I did some testing with the @sap/hana-client package, connecting to a HANA Cloud with disabled firewall, but already all connection attempts fail (code attached).

Beside my little trial and error, do you have any suggestion, how we might pull something like this of?



var hana = require('@sap/hana-client');
var conn = hana.createConnection();
var conn_params = {
  serverNode: 'hana-host:443',
  uid: 'user',
  pwd: 'password',
  sslHostNameInCertificate: "*",
  sslValidateCertificate: false,
  proxyHostname: "proxyHostSocks5",
  proxyPort: "proxyPortSocks5"
conn.connect(conn_params, function (err) {
  if (err) throw err;