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May 26 at 02:00 PM

Production Rate report



I need a report or analytical app to show the planned quantity and Production quantity on monthly basis.
In COOIS we can see the Planned and production orders. But as the planned orders and getting nullified by the production order we could not able to get the historical value.

Do we have any in standard SAP or not.

Also I need below reports or Analytical apps - Except COOIS , Manage production order and Operation Apps

1. Planned and Produced qty Report based on work center, Material by month and year wise
2. Production operations report Based on work center, Yearly and Monthly basis - Closed, In progress, Open
3. Material requirements and in progress production orders report - I will Give the FG or SFG, The report should show the Required quantity for raw or SFG materials, Shortage quantity and the in process production orders.

4. Delay time and days report at operation level.

5. Delay time and days at order level.

6. On going production operation against each work center


Raghavan K