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Feb 22, 2017 at 11:24 AM

how to initiate multiple batch requests, any sample code ?



I am making two calls of method one after the other with different entitiy sets.

Since UI5 has inbuilt capability to send both GET operations in a single batch request, i can see only one $batch request in console.

When i checked this $batch call under 'Network' tab in chrome console, i saw there are two GET commands one after the other under 'Request Payload' and this whole $batch request is taking 3 seconds.

Whereas each of these read calls spearately takes 1.5 seconds.

-->So, i think when i make two read calls one after the other, browser is actually calling them sequentially.

What i want to achieve is to make two $batch requests for calls, which are written one after the other.

Is it possible with some settings or any sample code ?