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May 22 at 10:29 PM

Automation of SAP BASIS Activities


I am looking for automation opportunities for SAP administration activity. Please share if any automation has been done by you or tools available to drive easy to manage automation.

Some areas I feel should be automated by SAP Standard tools, there is no fuzzy logic and if SAP is recommending to upgrade why not push them just like Windows upgrade or software upgrades been pushed.

1. ST-PI and ST-A/PI - with 100+ SIDs, these kind of work takes ton of time. Any standard automation available for these tool regular upgrade

2. Security Notes - Again as SID count increase these is repetitive work too. Where SAP is to auto push the Security notes, that are completely auto implementation

3. SAP recoveries - Hanging OLD orphaned lock, failure of job (auto heal, by re-running), etc.

Looking forward for some good inputs.