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May 24, 2022 at 12:50 PM

Payment Batches


Hello All,

I have a question.

I work for a Retail company which uses SAP (I think it is SAP 750)

My job is with Accounts payable, and I process many invoices, based on PO and Non-Po. Never done a payment in SAP (But have experience with JDE and Oracle)


Occasionally they come from management and payment team to me with a request.

Request is basically that they have an agreement with company X to pay 2 weeks of invoices earlier than normal and/or later. (Normal payment terms is 60 days from post-date)

For example, all invoices with due date 1 up to 14 June need to be paid on 30 May.

So, I go into the vendor/supplier via FBL1N and call up all invoices with due date 1 up to 14 June and manually (Select All + Mass Change) change the Bline date so that the payment date shows up as 30 May.

My opinion is, that this is not a normal thing, I am sure there must be a way in the SAP and payment system to select the Vendor/Supplier and tell the system to create a payment batch with all the invoice with payment date up to 14 June.

I can be wrong; I have never done a payment in SAP and therefore I am not sure how that works.

So, am I correct to say it can be done easily in a payment batch or do I really have to do the manual change which I am doing now?