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May 20, 2022 at 01:37 AM

Info required for Custom Policy Definition


We are working on the security design for SAP DI 3.0 solution in our BTP environment. We would need some additional info related to the standard SAP DI artifacts/policies as to help with an efficient custom policy design.
Please help to address the following open questions in this regard:
1. How can we get a list of all resource types (eg.- application, connection, etc. ) and their respective attributes/activities (eg. start, stop,read, admin, execute, etc.) in our existing SAP DI environment?
2. Information on the categorization of all resource types to the relevant classes

Eg. connectionConfiguration,connection, etc. - > Admin

connectionContent - > Metadata

application -> Application

3. Provide a list of all applications of the resource type - application?

4. How or where we can get the info of the mapping / relationship of Policies to the corresponding UI Tiles/Apps on the SAP DI UI?
Eg.What is the policy / privilege that is needed for granting a user access to the link / tile /app - "Connection Management"

5. Finally, what the process/approach to control access for different users to the different project specific artifacts – pipeline models, data lake catalogs/data sets

We would not want users belonging to different areas given access across the metadata in SAP DI

Attached a document with some screenshots/ details related to the above inquires.
Appreciate your help in clarifying these open questions.

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