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May 19, 2022 at 08:29 PM

httpSessionTimeout setting - your experience?


Dear all,

This topic is related to this (system time-out causing learning completion to be lost), which is bothering our company recently. We have a 2-hour long eLearning SCORM course which we experienced a lot of users reported "course completion" related issues. We are considering to change the httpSessionTimeout setting (at both LMS and BizX levels) to either 2 hours or 8 hours (max allowable by SAP I believe). Just want to know if anyone here have any success stories to share by changing this httpSessionTimeout setting, and if changing this particular setting would create any known unexpected undesired system behavior (other than non-users potentially can go into LMS and obtain confidential information from within LMS, as that should be relatively low risk for us). Thanks!