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May 14 at 07:16 AM

Display base64 bmp on Business ByDesign Customer Invoice form

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Hello all,

I recieve a base64 encoded bmp file as a response from a web service.

I am trying to get that bmp image displayed on our standard Customer Invoice form.

I created an extension field of type String on the standard Customer Invoice xbo, and added that extension field to the standard form. I have checked and the base64 string is sucesfuly displayed on my adobe form. When I decode it online it displays the proper image. But now I am trying to get that base64 string to be displayed as an image on my form.

So far no matter how I try to bind an image field, or using javascript on the form no image is displayed.

Is this even possible the way I am trying to do it ? Can you generate an image on an adobe livecycle designer form just from the base64 string ? And if anyone knows how can it be done ?

Thank you