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May 13 at 03:15 PM

Which data are read when executing ML drilldown report through KKML0?

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I am executing report 01MLREPORT (ML Template: Report 01 SAP 08.12.2011 01ML_FORM) through transaction KKML0 kkml0.jpg.(Please note that i have not changed anything in the form or the report settings themselves) The settings in selection screen is as follows: selection-screen.jpg. When it is run, i get the following result report-results.jpg. As you van see in the lowest part of the screen, i see that i have 2 pieces of consumption, which is also validated if i display the CKM3N screen for this material in this period. ckm3n.jpg. My issue is that in the accelerator settings (transaction HDBC) it is set up that for all ML reports the FCML_XXXX tables should be used. hdbc.jpg. But, there is no entry for this material ad that posting period in table FCML_REP (FCML_FILL has not been executed for that period and that plant). Therefore, i understand that the report reads either the ML tables directly, or there is another source of supply. When i check the report, i see the following abap.jpg. It shows like i have created the report yesterday (which i did not - it is a standard SAP report) and that it reads data from KKBML table. When i used FCML_FILL transaction trying to update the FCML tables for this material in these tables fcml-fill.jpg, then an entry is created in FCML_FILL table fcml-rep.jpg, but i get 10 information messages info-messages.jpg and 1 warning message warning-message.jpg. So, i am confused on what is happening. It seems that the 01MLREPORT reads ML tables although it should read the FCML_XXXX ones. Is it because of this "No connection to HANA database" message? How should it be corrected? and, if corrected, how can i change the report so it reads for these tables instead of the ML ones?

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