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May 16, 2022 at 09:25 AM

IBP Lot Size calculates total demand until end of horizon regardless of SUBPERIODSOFSUPPLY value


We use Lot Sizing Procedure "1" and all works fine up to a point in the horizon. From current week the system builds up the stock to cover the demand for the specified weeks of SUBPERIODSOFSUPPLY as long as the calculation does not encroach into WK40 2023 of further.

I cant explain the reason for this. I have wonder if it might have something to do with the calendar as our Fiscal Year (configured in IBP Calendar) starts from WK40 of every year (e.g. WK40 2023).

We are using IBP-SOP at the moment version 2202

In this snapshot with no values beyond WK38 2023 the calculation (week per week) is normal


As soon as a value is entered in WK39 2023 and the system takes into account values from W40 2023 the Stock Transfer Requisition value is equal to the total demand for the rest of the whole horizon WK38 2025


In this one if there is no value in WK40-WK42 is all good until WK43 where I entered a value in the SUBPERIODSOFSUPPLY


Thanks in advance for your help



image.png (37.7 kB)
image.png (43.7 kB)
image.png (43.8 kB)