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May 14 at 03:27 PM

IBP - Database design & Master Data Types - Creation of planning objects based on Master Data upload

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Let's say we have the following Master Data Types:

Single MDT1 with key Attr1
Single MDT2 with key Attr2
Single MDT3 with key Attr3
Compound MDT1.2.3 with keys Attr1, Attr2, Attr3

I understand we can add all of these key Attributes of the Single MDTs in a Planning Level as root, and also include at least 1 extra non-key Attribute of the Compound MDT1.2.3 in the Planning Level. And IBP will be able to automatically create planning objects from the Attribute As Key Figure of Compound MDT1.2.3. The number of these automatically generated planning objects will equal the amount of rows in Compound MDT1.2.3.

My question is the following:

Let's say, on top of the above, we also have the following:

Single MDT4 with key Attr4
Compound MDT1.4 with keys Attr1, Attr4.

My question is: can we create a Planning Level which can join all of the attributes in MDT1, MDT2, MDT3, MDT1.2.3, MDT4 and MDT1.4?

Such that the Planning Objects are created automatically from the valid combinations which include Attr1. Or do we need to use a copy operator to be able to create the rows which we desire.