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May 18, 2022 at 02:41 PM

Error : Specify a date within the permissible range, - "When receiving GRPO from Service Layer".

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Dear SAP Support,

SAP Environment : SAP Business One 10.0 (1.00.170) FP-2108 - (SQL SERVER)

Posting Period for Year 2021 : 01-Jan-2021 To 31-Dec-2021

Posting Period for Year 2022 : 01-Jan-2022 To 31-Dec-2022


We have a purchase order (For a Lot tracked Item) created in December, 2021 for which document date, document due date & posting date is recorded as 28-Dec-2021.

The SAP System will allows us to receive (When copy PO to GRPO) the material from SAP-UI in current date (i.e. 18-May-2022). Which is fine with us.

On the other Side, If the same scenario for GRPO is executed from Service Layer using Post-Man, With current document date & document due dates (i.e. "DocDate": "2022-05-18" & "DocDueDate": "2022-05-18") . The Service Layer does not allow us to receive the material & raise error - "Specify a date within the permissible range"

Note : Please find attached Image file (page0001.jpg, page0002.jpg & GRPO JSON ) to reproduce this error from Post-Man for GRPO transaction using Service Layer.

Please help us at the earliest to resolve this error from Service Layer.



Divyanshu Vyas

BatchMaster Software Inc.


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