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May 17, 2022 at 03:20 PM

SAC planning model Export job


Hi everyone,

I have created Classic account planning model with Account dimension, which contains all the measures. I am exporting data to OData services and trying to write back each and every measure from Account dimension at once.

I have found this Tip on SAP Help page regarding Export jobs ( Export Models and Data ):

Currently, each time you can only export one measure. If you want to export multiple measures to the target, you need to perform data export for each measure respectively.

Step 8. - Exporting Data to OData Services task says:

On the Mapping page, map SAP Analytics Cloud dimensions and measures to the corresponding target fields you selected in the previous step. To map measures, select a measure card, and in the Source Measure drop down, select the source measure. If you're exporting a new model type with multiple measures, as opposed to a classic account model, repeat this step for each measure to complete the measure mapping. If there’s only one source measure, the application selects it by default.

If I switch to New model type with multiple measures, can I export all of my measures at once? Or is there any way around this restriction regarding exporting multiple measures to the target?

Kind regards,