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May 12 at 04:12 AM

Unable to close PR expnse 2021 in 2022. Doc Itm hasn't yet been carried fwd to the Curr Year FI228


Dear Experts,

There was PR Expense 2021 for 5 line items and 5 qty per item. But invoice only for 3 line items, 1 line-item not generate PO, and 1 line-item only order for 3 qty (so there are 2 open qty). So I want to close this open 2 qty in that PR in 2022. But there are error messages:
document item 3100000040/00050 has not yet been carried forward to the current year Message no. FI228
That document on the error message is a document that is already invoice.

I've done FMJ0, but it's not work
I already read and tested with guidance SAP Note 207429, and also did not work

is there any advice to help me to close this PR?