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May 12 at 01:00 PM

Backup of MaxDB7.8.02.37 recover to MaxDB

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Having two systems one with MaxDB and a new one with MaxDB

Made a backup at the 7.8 machine, did also the check backup on this machine all fine.

But if I try to recover this 7.8 backup on the 7.9 machine this error is shown:

-9407 System error: unexpected error 17,Check backup failed 16,The history root page reference in the restart page of the backup (pno = 2147483647, converter version = 4294967295) was not found as page in that backup; instead found page with pno = 1018016 and converter version = 20424 flagged as history root page

If we try to do the backup check on the 7.9 machine this error is shown:

-7900 Different block sizes 6,Data recovery failed 13,Found 1 bad page(s)

I have checked the block sizes on both machines it equals, it is on both machines 8K.

Tried to recover the backup into another MaxDB this was working.

Do I need to set some parameter to be able to recover the 7.8 Backup in a 7.9 DB?

Thanks and BR