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May 06, 2022 at 01:59 PM

Purchasing Contract - Appendix Contracts


Dear Gurus,

I have a task requested by customer. Please share your experience in this regard.

We are using Purchasing Contracts with customised "W - Material group" item category as they are general contracts. Normally, "W" requires to specify at least the material group in MK contracts. We created "ZG" general contract type and material group is not required there at all since the customer do not specify items in contract level, so they are just putting the description as "Purchase of Raw Materials" or "Purchase of Legal Services" and etc.

Now there are appendixes related to these general contracts and customer requires that these appendixes should not be created as a new contract, somehow it should be defined as subcontract and be linked to the main contract. So, in PO document they will refer to subcontract and when they double click they should be able to see the connected main contract.

I would highly appreciate if you share your thoughts or similar experience.