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May 09 at 01:13 PM

SAP PI/PO developing custom JOB build/deploy error


Hi Community,

I am currently trying to develop a custom SAP PI/PO Java EAR Job.

I followed the offical documentations from SAP:

Creating and Scheduling Your First Job

And other blogs:

Message Alerting in SAP PI/PO: Sending Alerts as Push Notifications to Mobile Device

Job Scheduling on SAP PO ( SAP PI Java stack )

But I fail at the following step "Setting the Build Path".

Its says I need to add a reference to "tc/je/scheduler/api" but it doesn't say how exactly. I looked in all the projects, I have created, in the settings and properties but I have no clue where I can add the reference of "tc/je/scheduler/api".

I have a customjob, customjobClient and customjobEAR project. In the customjob Project

I tried skipping this step but then it came to the point where I tried to deploy the Job and I get the error message:

Error during deployment: [ERROR CODE DPL.DCAPI.1027] DeploymentException

Reason: ASJ.dpl_dc.001085 Operation [deploy] of [<projectEAR>] failed.

I thank for any hint or help.