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May 12 at 10:15 AM

It is possible to restrict data access in SAC based on the Role Base Permission defined in SF?



Connection has being established between SF and SAC, new role and user was created specifically for SAC assigning only the fields to expose to SAC, but it is not working, when I try to build a query the error shows this

  • Vm TEst has failed to upload because the query returned an empty dataset. Please check your datasource and try again.
  • Correlation ID: 13918401-3564-4844-9973-449678272102

After this I added permission on SF "Employee Central HRIS OData API (read-only), the problem is now ALL data from SF is exposed in SAC because the permission I added bypass all permissions and return all data. 2639949 - OData API is not respecting the Role Based Permission Settings (

Is there any way to control the date to be exposed from SF to SAC?