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May 11 at 02:36 PM

SAP IBP - How to copy Production demand from a location to another location


Hello SAP Guru,

Considering our scenario network as below the optimizer wi

Product FG1 Independent Demand @ Loc A -> Production Demand SFG1 @ Loc A

Product FG2 Independent Demand @ Loc B -> Production Demand SFG1 @ Loc B

There is another Loc C which we need to push Production Demand SFG1 at both Loc A and Loc B - into Loc C's production demand.

So basically, Optimizer will generate production demand for SFG1 in each location. There is no production demand generated by Optimizer in Loc C as we don't maintain production source MD for Loc C.

We just need to make Production demand SFG1 @ Loc C = sum (Production demand SFG1 @ Loc A + Production demand SFG2 @ Loc B).

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a lot.