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May 10 at 04:37 PM

Unpublish / Get original rpt file from Crystal Reports Repository



we've got several hundred reports stored into the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform repository

and would like to know if there's a way to unpublish / retrieve all reports as original crystal files (.rpt)

From what I've learnt is that if I open files within the "SAP Crystal Reports" and they open without error message, then the format is a ("classic) Crystal format. Correct me if I'm wrong.

So, we've stored a big set of report files (that once were in crystal format) in the repository which are obviously in a different SAP format, so exporting the reports from within the "SAP Crystal Reports" does not work:


Clicking ok triggers following error:


So our question is, how can we get the files out of the repository so that they can be edited with "SAP Crystal Reports" again?

Saving a report to local file from "SAP Crystal Report for Enterprise" does not result in a Crystal file format.

Funnily though, it visually shows the different file formats when you are in the open file dialog.

The files with "good" format have a green diamond icon whereas the reports we cannot use are with a blue-green mixed icon:


Are there internal format versions? Can you provide guidance / insights?

How to export reports from the repository as Crystal (.rpt) files useable in the older format (green diamond)?




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