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May 09 at 12:44 PM

Inbound Connectivity from SAP Event Mesh to SAP ECC/SAP S/4HANA


Hi All,

We are making use of SAP Event Mesh to send the data to third party applications via SAP CPI.

SAP ECC will send the message to SAP Event Mesh and using AMQP adapter we are pulling the messages and sending it to third party applications.

The current flow is: SAP ECC -> SAP Event Mesh -> SAP CPI-> third Party application

My questions are as below:

  • We are sending multiple messages from SAP ECC to SAP Event Mesh Topic but we are unable to pull multiple messages from AMQP while connecting to that topic. Is that possible to pull multiple messages from Event Mesh topic using AMQP Sender Adapter.
  • For Inbound to SAP ECC would event mesh be able to send messages to SAP ECC or is it in enough if CPI can connect ECC through Cloud Connector.