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May 06 at 11:24 AM

several DUMP (ST22) with error , MESSAGE_TYPE_X, SAPLARFC, RFC cannot be used for classic qRFC

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after upgrade to S/4Hana-2020-03, we got several DUMPs (ST22)


How to correct the error

If the error occurs in one of your own ABAP programs or an SAP program that you have modified, try to correct the error yourself.

If the error occurs in a non-modfied SAP program, you might be able to find a solution in the SAP Notes system. If you have access to the SAP

Information on where terminated

The termination occurred in ABAP program or include "SAPLARFC", in "TRFC_SET_QUEUE_RECEIVER_LIST".

The main program was "RMCEXUP1".

In the source code, the termination point is in line 38 of include "LARFCU25".

include "LARFCU25". Program "SAPLARFC" was started as a background job.

Job name....... LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_45_100

Notes system, check there first using the following keywords:




If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please send the following information to SAP:


(en) Error analysis

Short text of the error message:

Destination XTRACTDWT cannot be used for classic qRFC

Long text of the error message:

Technical information about the message:

Message class....... SR

Number.............. 320

Variable 1.......... XTRACTDWT


(de) Fehleranalyse

Kurztext der Fehlermeldung:

Die Destination XTRACTDWT ist für den klassischen qRFC nicht verwendbar!

Langtext der Fehlermeldung:

Technische Informationen zur Nachricht:

Nachrichtenklasse... SR

Nummer.............. 320

Variable 1.......... XTRACTDWT


i guess, it is something with V3-booking => BW-Delta-Queue, ???

JobName Sp Job CreatedB Status Start date Start Tim

LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_03_100 xxxxxxxx Finished 06.05.2022 15:20:11

LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_11_100 xxxxxxxx Canceled 06.05.2022 15:20:11

LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_03_100 xxxxxxxx Finished 06.05.2022 15:18:11

LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_11_100 xxxxxxxx Canceled 06.05.2022 15:16:02

LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_45_100 xxxxxxxx Canceled 06.05.2022 15:15:05

LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_13_100 xxxxxxxx Canceled 06.05.2022 15:12:11


Job log overview for job: LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_11_100 / 1510112X

Date Time Message text Message class Message no. Message type

06.05.2022 15:20:11 Job LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_11_100 1510112X started 00 516 S

06.05.2022 15:20:11 Step 001 started (program RMBWV311, variant , user ID xxxxxxxx) 00 550 S

06.05.2022 15:20:11 Queue processing started (MCEX11, 1.000, , 0) MCEX 153 S

06.05.2022 15:20:11 Extraction queue processing started MCEX11 with 5 LUWs MCEX 154 S

06.05.2022 15:20:11 Internal session terminated with a runtime error MESSAGE_TYPE_X (see ST22) 00 671 A

06.05.2022 15:20:11 Job canceled 00 518 A


any idea?