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May 16, 2006 at 02:49 PM

Using NWDI to Transport Portal Content?


Hello, everyone -

At our project site, there's some debate on what transport or change management tools to use in capturing portal changes and then transporting them to QA then Production. The scope for Portals is projected to be limited, with a lot of the J2EE work centering on a separate xRPM system instead.

Some still do think that we should use NWDI to transport/manage Portals changes. Some of us disagree, and think that standard PCD functions for export/import should suffice, and that using NWDI would be the proverbial sledgehammer to kill a fly approach, with too much complexity for something that should be a lot simpler to do using PCD.

Does anyone agree, or perhaps disagree, with the continued use of PCD transport management vis-a-vis NWDI? We envision an environment wherein there will be more than just one transport process, with the J2EE development going thru the CMS, BI transports using standard TMS, and portals going thru PCD.

By the way, we are on xRPM 4.0 on ECC 6.0, BI 7.0 and EP 7.0.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and experiences you could share!