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May 16, 2006 at 02:15 PM

ALV object cl_gui_alv_grid &



I have a problem with the onF4 event for class cl_gui_alv_grid.

Data element: I_PARNR

Set field catalog attribute f4availabl = 'X'.

Event works fine however at the end I always get the message "No input help is available" (Message no. DH 804).

Can anyone tell me how I can disable this message, thx?

Snippets of the source can be found below:

  • set fields for f4 event

CLEAR l_field. l_field = 'PARNR'.

wa_f4-fieldname = l_field.

wa_f4-register = 'X'.

wa_f4-getbefore = ' '.

wa_f4-chngeafter = ' '.

wa_f4-internal = ' '.

INSERT wa_f4 INTO TABLE tb_f4.

  • activate f4 in alv field catalog

READ TABLE tb_fieldcat WITH KEY fieldname = l_field INTO wa_fcat.

wa_fcat-f4availabl = 'X'.

wa_fcat-REF_FIELD = l_field.

MODIFY tb_fieldcat INDEX sy-tabix

FROM wa_fcat TRANSPORTING f4availabl.

CALL METHOD gscr207_grid1->set_ready_for_input

EXPORTING i_ready_for_input = 0.

  • display grid for the first time

CALL METHOD gscr207_grid1->set_table_for_first_display

EXPORTING i_structure_name = 'ZCON_BUS2001_PARTNER_DETAIL'

is_layout = gscr207_gs_layout

i_save = 'A' "save all global&user layouts

is_variant = gscr207_variant

i_default = 'X'

CHANGING it_outtab = gscr207_data[]

it_fieldcatalog = gscr207_fieldcatalog.