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May 03, 2022 at 02:40 AM

Removing Duplicates from several columns in Crystal Reports



I'm creating a report in Crystal Reports. Some tables have more than one matching record from other tables, making several duplication cases. I tried various methods from different forums, but none worked properly. Here are two examples:


- I put everything in the Detail Section.

- Filtered out some of the records under Col5 in Format Field > Suppress > X+2.

- Sorted data based on Col1 > Col6 > Col5

- Checked "Suppress If Duplicated" in each Column's Format Field. (Also used "not onfirstrecord and {Customer.Customer Name} = previous({Customer.CustomerName})" in Format Field Suppress, but the results were the same).

As you can see below, it worked for all columns, except Col5:


Then I sorted the data based on Col1 > Col5 > Col6, the duplicates were eliminated from Col5 (and, of course, all other columns), but this time, Col6 had Duplicates:



- I grouped the data based on Col1 (Group1) > Col2> Col4 > Col5 > Col6 (Group5).

- Inserted a Summary Count of Group5 in the RF: Count({Table6.Col6}).

- Inserted this formula: "Count ({Table6.Col6},{Table6.Col6})=1" in Group Selection Expert.

But, it didn't work correctly (Eliminated many records that shouldn't have been removed)!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Needless to say, I cannot miniplate the database.