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Apr 29, 2022 at 12:38 PM

S/4 Key User Extension - Complex value help for custom fields


Hi experts,

I have a question, whether it is possible to add a custom field to a Fiori App (via Key User Extensibility) with a complex value help? And if yes, how to do?

What do I mean with complex search help?

We have multiple additional fields planned for our S/4 Change Record. Some of them have dependencies. One for example will be the Business Unit, the record belongs to, and another the Engineering Department. The Engineering Department depends on the Business Unit I have chosen before. So If I have chosen Business Unit "A", only Engineering Department "A1" and "A2" should be available in the value help. If Business Unit "B" was chosen, only Engineering Department "B1" should there to choose from. And so on.

Behind the fields we have created tables to maintain texts (language depended) for the Business Units and Engineering departments, and the dependencies of Engineering Departments and their corresponding Business Unit.

Problem is now, that we cannot set up the value help with a "filter" for the Engineering Department. It will always show all values, despite the chosen Business Unit.

Why do we want to have it as a Key User Extension?

We want to have the attributes to be available in the standard CDS views for the S/4 Change Record. These attributes are used later on for searching and filtering the Change Records by the user and are also used to "steer" the Process Route and rules like visability and behaviour of other attributes etc.

Thank you for your help and hints to solve the issue.