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Apr 28 at 09:06 AM

SAC Analytic Application on iPad - setDimensionFilter with TimeRange not working


Hello Experts,

We have built a SAC Analytic application which runs fine on browser as well as on iPad.

But the KPI values are wrong on iPad after applying setDimension filter. It looks something like below:

var range = TimeRange.create(TimeRangeGranularity.Day, new Date(year_start, month_start, day_start), new Date(year_end, month_end, day_end));

KPI.getDataSource().setHierarchy("0CALDAY", Alias.FlatHierarchy);

KPI.getDataSource().setDimensionFilter("0CALDAY", range);

This works as expected and the correct values are shown when tested on browser. But not on iPad.

Strangely, we are facing this issue only this week. Last week, the values were matching. Could this be due to feature release from SAC? I'm currently looking for alternate solutions. Any help is absolutely appreciated.

Thank you and Best Regards