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Apr 25, 2022 at 09:52 AM

RAP: How to enrich displayed List Data (managed scenario with unmanaged save )


Hi everyone,

we are currently developing a RAP model having a root entity and one child entity ( 0...*) .

We decided so far for a managed implementation with unmanaged save.

Now my question:

When displaying the list of child entity we need to add some additional lines, which are read-only. These lines won't be saved until the user changes some status field.

Thus, before the status change, we need to add these additinal lines every time a user opens the app.

Is it possible to implement this without changing from managed to unmanaged implementation?

Or if this only works in an unmanaged scenario: Can we only have the child entity unmanaged, but stay with managed for the root entity?

Any help is welcome :-)