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Apr 25 at 07:31 PM

Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 10 - Development/Sandbox Refresh



We currently have a solution manager at:

  • SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.2[ SPS 10 (12/2019) FPS ]
  • SAP NETWEAVER 7.4[ SPS 21 (01/2019) ]
  • Windows/SQL Server 2016

We have an old development/sandbox solution manager that we want to update, or refresh, from our production solman.

We are having trouble finding the best path for refresh. I found a number of threads and note that reference "System Copy for SAP Systems Based on the Application Server Java of SAP NetWeaver 7.5, and SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR2 Java, on Windows". Is this the guide best to use to update our sandbox Solution Manager? Or is there a better route?

Also, we want to maintain as much of the java configuration as possible and SWPM the best tool to use?

Any advice or direction would be appreciated.

Thank you,