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Apr 23, 2022 at 05:37 PM

In AS01 and FAGLGVTR I am getting error FAA_CMP047



I am getting this error while creating Asset Master data (AS01).

And I checked the questions as follows:

[In AS01 I am getting error FAA_CMP047]

[Posting Not possible in Company code XXXX, Specify Open Fiscal Year, Message FAA_CMP047]

I am getting the same error both in AS01 and FAGLGVTR.

OSS Note 2669552 - CMP object: Missing entry for the current fiscal year (LGJAHR) will fix this error?

I also noted that the value of table field (T903C-LGJAHR) is '0000'. Maybe this is the problem.

Could you please tell me if any settings is necessary for here?

Any suggestions/help is highly appreciated.