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Apr 21 at 02:38 PM

Decentral EWM QM partial UD - Follow-up action - Scapping: Reason for movement


Hey Experts,

we have implemented the EWM Inspection in the system.

System: decentral EWM on S/4HANA

The partial usage decision at HU level works smoothly, but we have a problem with the rejection in combination with the follow-up action Scrapping.


The partial decision is made without error message, also the GI posting was made successfully.


What is noticeable is that the reason for goods movement was not updated to the LBs (2).

Since the reason for the goods movement is mandatory for scrapping postings in ERP and EWM, the goods movement posting gets stuck in the ERP inbound queue.


To add:
Mapping of EWM Reason Code to ERP Reason for Movement was done correctly. Furthermore, scrapping to cost center via /SCWM/ADGI works without any problems.

Have we forgotten any setting or Is the process not designed for this scenario?

Anyone of you faced this issue before? I am thankful for every hint.



grafik.png (80.9 kB)
grafik.png (49.1 kB)
grafik.png (48.6 kB)
grafik.png (18.0 kB)
grafik.png (35.5 kB)