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Apr 21, 2022 at 11:28 AM

Central Instance of random Systems dissapears in the configuration of Managed Systems.


Hello Community,

i have a strange phenomenom, i cannot put a finger on.

When looking up Systems in the configuration of Managed systems in our solman, some are in a red System status. The Error is basically that the Central instance is Missing. If you look it up in the System entry, it is true, that the Information is missing. A synchronisation with the SLD does not change anything.

Only when i try to manually add a Instance, i get a Message, that the Instance is already appointed to the System and if i then synchronize with the SLD, all the information are present.

As far as i can tell this entry will be emtied with the next automatic synchronisation, however not all Systems are affected. I've only seen S4 Systems so far with that kind of behavior.

At first i thought it might have only newer Systems i attached, however even Systems that are attached to the Solman for a longer time show this kind of behavior.

Has anyone encountered this so far? Any idea where to beginn looking?

Thanks a Lot!