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Apr 27 at 12:13 AM

How to activate "Set Early Assignment of Order Number"?


Hi there,

I figured out that to generate control instructions automatically in a Production Order (PO), you have to save the PO first to generate a PO number, otherwise control instructions won't be generated in a PO with a temporary number. Because I need to generate control instructions before saving the PO the solution is: go to Customizing for Process Management and choose Execution Steps (XSteps) -> Set Early Assignment of Order Number (as shown in the picture below).


I haven't used customizing before, I am new to SAP. My question is, how to activate that "Set Early Assignment of Order Number"? I can't find a way to activate that setting or to know if it's already activated.

I really appreciate your help.


setearlyon.png (236.9 kB)