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Apr 25 at 01:30 PM

FLP - "Test RF Environment" - Personas



I am a bit confused about RF, MOBGUI, SAP GUI for HTML, Personas etc. I'm trying to find info by reading notes, blog posts, wikis etc. but it's not getting any more clear. Maybe it's just me. We run Embedded EWM On-Prem, unfortunately not upgraded to 2021 yet.

Question: What is the official recommendation from SAP on how to run the RF Framework in a browser on a "modern" touch screen Android Scanning Device, for example the model TC72?

I mean, today I can run the tile "Test RF Environment" via Fiori Launchpad / GUI for HTML on desktop but it is hidden from phone. Can we just change the tile-config to allow phone and remove "Test" from the name? Will any of this change with 2021 and MOBGUI? Will the tile just say RF Environment and we are good to go?

I can also use Screen Personas today on ITS Mobile-screens and run it via Fiori Launchpad / GUI for HTML. What will be the noticible difference with 2021/MOBGUI?

Thankful for any advice/help!