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Apr 26, 2022 at 12:58 PM

Problem: Record Pop-Up windows from SAP

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Hello everyone,

we have an iRPA solution that has a problem detecting a popup from SAP with a Microsoft windows GUI.

In our automation, we want to attach the PDF of the invoice to the corresponding invoice document. The bot first creates the document and then tries to attach the PDF to it in the second step.

The "ArchiveLink: Management of stored documents" window is opened via the "oaad" transaction in SAP and the "Save and assign" button is clicked.

(see following screenshots)



This opens the new window "ArchiveLink: File and Assign opens" and previously created values are entered and the Create button (top left) is clicked.

Then the first pop-up opens: "Key SAP document" Here, too, the bot enters the corresponding data of the document just created and the confirmation button (green tick) is clicked.


ArchiveLink erstes PopUp

This opens another popup: "File storage in documents", where a file path is to be entered in the input field and then click on Open.


ArchiveLink zweites PopUp

Now in this step with this pop-up we have the problem that the bot does not find or recognize the window.

We have included the pop-up like this (see the next two screenshots) because the pop-up is generated by the SAP GUI applications "ArchiveLink: Store and Assign Open", but itself can only be recognized as UI Automation.

Erobere %20eins

Capture one

Erobere %20zwei

Capture two

We have already tried to include the FileUpload pop-up as a separate application, to open it in the window of "ArchiveLink: Store and Assign Open" window (it is displayed there as elements in the background) and to control it as a subscreen of ArchiveLink or as it is now as a subscreen of "Key SAP Documents" but never could the pop-up "Store files in documents" be recognized in the automation (there is always a timeout when the pop-up "Store files in documents" is to be accessed).


Capture otherway


Steps in CloudStudio

This is especially surprising since the window is found via the test mode for applications and commands can be executed on it.


Test Mode Capture Screen


Second Test Mode Capture Screen

can someone help us Tell us what can be the reason or how we can detect, control and use the "Save files in documents" pop-up also in automation?