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Analysis for Office: Crosstab loses KF values after prompt

Feb 22, 2017 at 08:21 AM


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We have encountered an odd behaviour:

Running the prompt twice without changing any variable values the crosstab loses the values for the key figures; the characteristic values, structure elements etc persist.

I encounter this issue in version 2.3 SP1 and SP2 , 2.4 SP1. Excel 2016 32 Bit.

Anybody encountered / solved this issue?

Regards Sebastian

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Sebastian - I have not encountered that - I am on 2.4 SP1 Excel 2016 32 bit

Is there anything in the logs that would reflect the error?

Go to Analysis > Settings > Support tab and turn on the logging


Tammy - I turned on the trace right now: no Errors recorded in the Log.



This is the only similar note I could find: - could the combination of Analysis Office and your backend be the cause? (I'm guessing)


Thanks for your Input Tammy!

My IT collegues came back saying that the note ( I dont have an S-User myself) refers to Input ready queries which unfortunately does not apply in our case.


Sebastian - thank you for checking; at this point I would submit an SAP support incident and reference this thread. I haven't seen the situation you are describing.


Hi Sebastian, we have the same issue. We are using AO 2.4 SP1 Patch 2 and BW 7.50. A colleague is using the same AO version but with BW 7.40 and he does not have this problem.

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