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Apr 07 at 04:02 AM

Document with earmarkfund can not be reversed in different fiscal year


Dear Experts,

Our user had these scenario:

In Fiscal year 2021, commitment item budget 12345 (budget for exp.=100000, create earmarkfund A=50000. On this earmarkfund is already consumed 10000 with accounting doc number for exp. 33333.

In 2022, doc number 33333 will be reversed. The remaining budget of commitment item in 2021=5.000. There is error message while reversal (FB08): "payment budget exeeded = 5000".

Refer to the error message means while reversal document with EF in different fiscal year, sistem will read the remaining budget of commitment item in 2021 (=5000) then the budget exeeded=amount with EF to be reversed (2021) - remaining budget of commitment item (2021)= 10000-5000=5000

In my opinion, budget in commitment item (FY 2021) is already 'booked' by EF in 2021 with amount 50000 and consumed 10000 as accounting document no. 33333. While reversal, It should be read amount have been consumed=10000 in 2021 but why sistem read the remaining budget of commitemnt item FY 2021?

How to achieve these?is there any configuration to be set?Currently update profile to FM area(OF 37)=000101.

Kindly advice.

Thank you in advance

Kind regards