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Apr 14 at 07:53 AM

CSV loading in SDP94 - issue


Hi All,

I've encountered some difficulties in loading a CSV file into the planning area of SDP94.

The result in the planning area for few cells is not matching with the loaded one (only few cells and not all of them), this is happening mainly for the SKU/MONTH combination with 0 forecast on it. In addition, if i load multiple times the same CSV (step 8 and 9) the result change.

I've recap here below the procedure i followed, hope someone had my same issue and was able to solve it.

Followed procedure

1- load the selection into the planning area

2- select the “Sales promotion adjustment” Key figures

3- Drill down by Material number

4- Press the button “save locally” and click on “prepare File for Upload At Later Time”.

5- Reworked the file to load the new volumes

6- With the key figure selected and the drill down active, click on “upload data”

7- Select the file

8- Click on Check

9- Click on “Upload File”

Thanks already for your support



picture1.png (198.8 kB)