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Apr 11, 2022 at 03:01 PM

How to make dynamic buttons for type Trigger_Skill


Dear Experts,

I am looking for your kind help on the use case where we prepare dynamic buttons from the OData response in SAP CAI. I am able to do that for postback type, but I am looking for some help on how I can do that for Trigger_Skill type. Like how to mention the respective skill which I need to get triggered on button click.

Would really appreciate your help.

Below is the snippet for my postback type:


"type": "buttons",

"delay": "",

"content": {

"title": "Below are the results for provided keyword. Click a record to proceed further.",

"buttons": [

{{#eachJoin api_service_response.default.body.d.results}}


"title": "{{PCDesc}}",

"value": "{{PCDesc}}",

"type": "postback"