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Apr 08 at 08:00 PM

Unable to send Broadcast message in SAP CRM Web IC. The screen keeps spinning.


Hello All,

We have an issue when sending a Broadcast message in SAP CRM WebIC using the IC Manager business role where on triggering the message the system keeps spinning and then times out. We are triggering the message to more than 100 users.

On checking at code level, we found that the control was going into a hung state at method call 'CL_SAM_SESSION_QUEUE_SENDER->IF_SAM_QUEUE_SENDER~SEND'. This method is called for all user sessions since the message needs to be displayed in every session the user is logged into. On further debugging we found that the FM 'HTTP_READ_SC' is called from 'CL_HTTP_CLIENT->IF_HTTP_CLIENT~RECEIVE' but control is not returning back and seems to wait for a response which is never received.

We are unable to determine what might be causing this. There is a bit of an urgency to resolve this issue so a prompt response suggesting a possible solution would be highly appreciated.