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Apr 01 at 04:49 PM

Navigation to object page issue in BTP Cloud Foundry Notifications service

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Dear SAP Launchpad Service experts,

Using the below documentation, we are able to generate notifications on BTP Cloud Foundry Fiori Launchpad service.

However, we are facing below issues while using the functionality which is a blocker for us:

we are facing issues during navigation after clicking on Notifications. We have a Fiori application with Worklist-Object page template and on click of notification we would like to navigate to the Object page directly but it is not working.

When we use the app (without clicking on notification) and go to object page after clicking an item on worklist table, it navigates to URL (which is expected routing behavior and works fine):

But when we click on notification and try to navigate, the url is generated as (which does not work):

The code which we have used here for navigation (with NavigationTargetAction, NavigationTargetObject andTargetParameters properties):

function createNotification({ requestID, notificationType, notificationTypeVersion, recipients }) {

    return {
        OriginId: "request-backend",
        NotificationTypeKey: notificationType,
        NotificationTypeVersion: notificationTypeVersion,
        NavigationTargetAction: "display",
        NavigationTargetObject: "requests",
        Priority: "Neutral",
        ProviderId: "",
        ActorId: "",
        ActorType: "Requestor",
        ActorDisplayText: "",
        ActorImageURL: "",
        Properties: [{
            Key: "requestID",
            Language: "en",
            Value: requestID,
            Type: "String",
            IsSensitive: false
        Recipients: => ({
            RecipientId: recipient
        TargetParameters : [
                Key : "Requests",
                Value : '10000472'

And code in manifest.json file for routing is:

"routes": [ { "name": "Master", "pattern": "", "target": "master" },

{ "name": "Detail", "pattern": "Requests/{request}", "target": "detail" }],

Could you please help in explaining how to define the Target and navigation parameters correctly for Notifications?

Ramya Vasanth