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Former Member
May 15, 2006 at 07:48 PM

User exit to copy Manual pricing conditions with in sales documents


Hi all,

I have a situation where i have to copy the manual pricing conditions from inquiry to quotation.

Problem: From VA21 when I try to do the same using the tab "create with reference" the document is being copied but the manually set pricing condition in the inquiry is not being copied into quotation. This is because in the copy controls the pricing type is set to 'B' which means "carry out new pricing". I can change it to 'C' or 'D' so that it copies manual pricing but i am not allowed to do so because other sales orgs in the company has a problem if i do so. Only our perticular sales org needs this config. I cannot even create another item catogory specific to this plant because it is against the rules of the company. So I am looking for a user exit in which i can change this pricing type during runtime so that i can plug in some code specific to this sales org to copy manual pricing. I have found one from the SAP note 24832 (MV61AFZA). It doesn't work as i think its obsolte. Can anyone suggest me a better way of solving this issue. Any quick response is appreciated.