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Mar 24, 2022 at 04:21 PM

SAP to HFM integration


Hello Everyone,

Currently, we are sending G/L data flat file from SAP to HFM for Consolidation process. The data is being send from Standard program through Background job. We do not send data on real time basis . We do see some user issue examples default layout changed or variant changed .

As our Organization is growing , we have more data to send from SAP to HFM . Also, we are doing HFM upgrade to cloud so there is a chance of process improvement

I have below two question regarding process improvement.

  1. is it more feasible to send data from custom report rather than standard report ? what are the pros and Cons sending data from custom report VS Standard ?
  2. should we make direct connection with HFM rather than using flat file ? what are the Pros and Cons of implementing direct connection ?