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Mar 30 at 07:09 PM

Using to get .dxf originals into AutoCAD from ECTR/SAP


As the title suggests, I'm trying to figure out how to automate the process of querying a certain drawing number to insert the .dxf into the users current session of AutoCAD.

My current plan is:

1. User supplies a document number

2. Search Function identifies the current active version of that number

3. Attempts to download only the .dxf attached original if it exists.

4. Insert resulting .dxf into AutoCAD.

The problem comes from Step 3, I can't seem to find a way to access or insert the file. The samples from don't demonstrate anyway to access an existing document record, let alone filter down the specific attached original.

Does anyone here have any sample or recommendations for solving this issue? I will say that I'm not interested in using vb.script with SAPGUI to solve this problem, as that is too easily interupted by the user.

Thanks for any help,